Our story

Today, the dynamic development of the digital economy has considerable influence on society and economy as a whole. And the media business has always been one of the strongest driving forces for innovation within the World Wide Web.

With more than 40 years of experience combined, each of the founders of the advandeo has his very own history in the media business. Each one has left his unique footprint in various branches: in marketing for digital games, early stage search engine marketing, driving new ideas in marketing and monetization of online and mobile media, in technical advancement of ad server infrastructure, the list goes on…

We are convinced the prevalent trend of budget shifting away from conventional media towards digital media will persist. And as part of that shifting mega trend we adopted video as the core media for future innovation. It is our philosophy to convert ideas of tomorrow into tangible, consistent products for today such as personalized ad serving across multiple screens and programmatic yet self-serviced marketing tools.

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Managing Director
Marlon Werkhausen

Managing Director
Daniel Siegmund

Managing Director
Lucas Lingens