advandeo AdBlock Prevention

Secure your ad-revenues by a lock-and-key-principle on selected content. Appeal to the user:
Unlock by accepting an ad!

advandeo products are trusted by:

Prevent the lack of revenue

The advandeo Adblock Prevention guarantees adbased revenuens on your premium content even if your users use adblock.

Solid lock-and-key principle unlocks content by ads
Easy to embed
Patent pending technology
Quick-Win Solution

Good content brings users but costs money. Plan your ROI (return on investment) – stop disruption by adblockers.

The advandeo Difference
Allows securement of dedicated content
Inline with all advertising metrics
Appeals on user acceptance for ads; avoids “anti” attitude
Lock-and-Key Principle

Earn what your content is worth based on advandeos patend pending fraud protected framework.

The advandeo Difference
Encrypts selective content only for adblockers
Offers watching ads for decryption
Unlocks not before ad-revenue is earned

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