advandeo Outstream

Unleash your revenue potential with high CPM video advertising
directly within your online content.

Trusted by leading publishers, including:

Grow with video revenue

The advandeo Outstream format offers the most flexible outstream solution in the market. It creates 100% additional ad spaces – free to monetize by your own.

Easy to integrate, support all video ad server standards
High scalable by yourself – online and mobile
Unique online dashboard for setup and reporting
Under your control

Via our client capable dashboard you gain full control and transparency – it’s your content, your user, your data, your control.

The advandeo Difference
Perfect fit to all leading adservers
Control your demand partners
Easy adjustable to your needs
Cutting the edge

If mobile, desktop, IOS or Android – advandeo Oustream makes no difference. Monetize every platform and device.

The advandeo Difference
Single Tag setup
Full scalable multi-device support
Dynamic options to create maximum impact

Start monetizing your content with advandeo OUTSTREAM.