advandeo Sponsored Story

The secure framework to sponsor content:
1. User wants free content 2. Sponsor shows ad to access 3. Content gets unlocked

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Satisfying users by advertising

The advandeo Sponsored Story suits perfectly in your paid content infrastructure. Advertisers are seeking to sponsor your great content. The advandeo platform gurantees secure exchanges between advertisers, publishers and users.

Patent pending fraud protection
Prooven by hundredthousands transactions daily
Perfect addition to all exisiting paid content models
Make every user a paying user

For many users paying for content is inacceptable. Go the easy way: Appeal with sponsors that want to pay for them. Embed a slim solution and a detailed dashboard reports your additional revenue achieved with your non-paying-users.

The advandeo Difference
Happy users who get what they want: Content without paying for it
Trigger upselling potential for your established model
Underline the value of your content: Don’t give it for free if other want to pay for it
Many interests - a single solution

Paid content, monetary benefits, user, bots and revenue: sounds like a Gordian knot. But it’s only a line of code in your website.

The advandeo Difference
Easily adjustable to your needs
Single Tag setup
Fully scalable multi-device support

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