ATG Value Exchange (ATG VX)

Creating a fair value exchange for publishers and users to monetize and access premium content.

ATG products are trusted by:

Raise your content value

ATG VX is a solution to make high quality content available to users for free by means of watching a short video ad. This exchange is fraud protected, unblockable, and thus leading to guaranteed growth in ad revenues.

Increase Revenue by Exchanging Value: Content Access for an Ad View (or Payment)
Clean User Experience, No Excessive or Intrusive Advertising
100% Safe Against Ad Block Software and Fraud
Control your ad revenue

ATG VX can easily be aligned and implemented according to the individual editorial wishes of publisher. It allows for maximum flexibility also with regards to internal revenue and subscription strategies, e.g. access to selected articles or paid content.

The ATG Difference
Focus on Premium Video Ads for Guaranteed Revenue and Low Maintenance
Creates Highly Demanded Premium Ad Space
Supports Micro-Transactions and Custom Payment Models
Begin the user dialogue

ATG VX enables publishers to communicate with their audience about a transparent value exchange to create a superior user experience.

The ATG Difference
Opens Dialogue about Necessary Value Exchange
Gives Users a Free Choice of How to Compensate the Publisher
Focus on Premium Video Ads to Substitute Excessive Advertising

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