Digital Out Of Home Advertising: We Make the Future Measurable and Transparent

Digital Out of Home (DooH) is on the rise but the advertising industry is still hesitant as fill rates on DooH inventory average below 20%. The problem: missing delivery standards especially for video ads and no way of measuring ad performance transparently.
This is where we come in! Together IDA Indoor Advertising GmbH (adpack) and ATG Ad Tech Group GmbH tackle the issue by bringing expertise from online advertising into DooH and combining it with new cutting edge technology.
By using facial recognition technology adpack to access real-time user data such as age and gender, relevant ads can be displayed to individual audiences. It simultaneously allows tracking of how long an ad was viewed and thus provides the much needed exact performance measurement for DooH advertising. On top of that, we have brought the general video ad standard (VAST) into DooH. Moreover through the adpack DooH Supply Side Platform (SSP) advertisers can access the inventory programmatically – in real-time.

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