Innovative Answer to Ad Blocking: Secure Lock-and-Key Technology for publishers

Hamburg – The ATG Ad Tech Group releases a new solution to prevent revenue losses caused by Ad Blocking. Offering content in exchange for ad viewing, the users get to choose: access OR Ad Block.

The Hamburg-based video technology specialists from ATG Ad Tech Group employ the tried and proven lock-and-key principle to minimize revenue loss for website owners due to widespread Ad Blocking. The so-called ATG Ad Block Prevention enables publishers and website owners to lock specific content so it cannot be accessed without prior ad viewing. The patent-pending technology encrypts locked content and offers users ad viewing as a way of decryption.

The internet has already surpassed TV and print media. Nowhere else content is created and distributed at an equal rate. But creation and licensing of content is costly. How can content creators and website owners make sure their journalistic enterprise has long-term economic viability. While subscription models and paywalls often run the risk of alienating the user base, newer alternatives like crowd-funding have a long way to go to become sustainable. Online advertising has been the reliable source of revenue par excellence, but is significantly affected by Ad Blocking software becoming a common phenomenon.

More and more counter measures against Ad Blocking have surfaced. These include blocking the whole website while Ad Block is activated (like on or using third party services in order to circumvent Ad Blocking, which in turn diminishes the financial gain for content creators and negatively affects ad metrics. ATG’s solution goes about the problem in a different way: Since only specific content is gated and is accessible without any financial commitment, users will not be alienated, but made aware of the issue. Also, to cause the least amount of inconvenience, the content encryption will be lifted momentarily, as soon as Ad Block is disabled (even without page refresh).

The inventor of the solution and managing director of ATG, Marlon Werkhausen, points out: “We give publishers back the power over their content and revenue. Since our solution interacts with the Content- as well as with the Ad-Server, Ad Block software has noch chance to interfere. Giving users the freedom of choice makes this model even fair for them.”

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