The End of the Anti-Adblock Arms Race: ATG Ad Tech Group Presents Unique Solution

Overwhelmingly positive industry response / ATG releases definitive answer to the Adblock problem with secure lock-and-key technology / International publishers about to implement ATG solution

Hamburg, June 8th 2016 – Many of ATG’s clients and partners have reported the increasing prevalence of Adblocking and a resulting loss of revenue, which threatens whole business models. Several answers have flooded the market promising immediate remedy only to be quickly rendered useless as soon as Adblocking technologies have caught up ensuing in an ever on-going arms race.

The continued debate on this issue shows that none of the suggested answers have proven to be a long-term solution. Participating in the arms race, paying for white-listing or focusing on certain ad types (Native Ads) is oftentimes costly, time-consuming and/or unprofitable. On top of that, all of these answers come with the drawback of obscuring ad performance metrics that are especially important for advertisers.

The ATG Adblock Prevention on the other hand offers a different way to tackle the Adblock problem. A new patent-pending technology enables publisher-side encryption of specific content which requires display of advertisements for decryption. Or simply put: Without deactivating the ad- blocker, the content cannot be viewed. Since this decryption requires active user approval, Adblock software has no way to interfere.

The positive industry response to the release of the ATG Ad Block Prevention is due to the fact that it renders the arms race moot while at the same time ensuring the validity of established advertising standards. Daniel Siegmund, CEO of ATG Ad Tech Group and responsible for advertising matters, attributes the positive feedback from the industry to two things: “On the one hand our solution guarantees outstanding advertising metrics on premium ad placements. On the other hand it minimizes expenses and efforts to fight Adblocking as it is a set-and-forget solution. Thus, we address the needs of advertisers and publishers alike.”

Daniel Siegmund is attending the NOAH-Conference in Berlin. Please call for meeting requests: +49 40 6758 675 0.

Further information about ATG Adblock Prevention:

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