The Paid Content Predicament: Creating Revenue from Non-Paying Users


More and more publishing houses these days implement paid content models. But these pay-walls tend to annoy users and create entry thresholds: registering an account and setting up payment options is time-consuming and cumbersome. The results: 90 to 95% of potential customers won’t go for paid content. What is needed is a way to lower the entry threshold while still generating revenue. The digital advertising minds, who meet up at this week’s dmexco in Cologne, have figured something out to turn non-paying users into satisfied customers and it is pretty innovative.

Hamburg. For many online users it has become routine to encounter pay-walls that is gaining access to content in exchange for money. But it is not a well-liked situation as only 8% of all users actually pay for content (Media Analyzer, 2014).

Nowadays, the typical scenario is like this: pay or go somewhere else. This is somewhat of a new development within the internet culture where everything usually is easily accessible. But there is indeed one market segment that is already successful with letting users pay for content: free-to-play online and mobile games. With games, players are used to getting basic access for free and then additional content in exchange for payment. Similar to editorial content, 90% of online games users show a resistance to paying for content. But here is the thing: Even those 90% of users who will not pay can be effectively monetized! That can be done by letting them watch video ads in order to gain access to premium features. And as a positive side effect, users who can thus enjoy premium features might be more inclined to pay in the future.

The ATG Ad Tech Group from Hamburg with their sub-division advandeo provides this technology product as InContent Solution. It can be easily implemented in addition to regular pay-wall mechanisms and offers a detailed reporting tool for maximum transparency. And a sophisticated new fraud protection (patent pending) guarantees that all generated video views are real 100% view-throughs.

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About ATG Ad Tech Group:

The ATG Ad Tech Group was founded in 2015 in Hamburg as a merger of several companies and industry experts in order to create innovative and scalable solutions for current issues in online advertising: Monetization (ATG Unit: advandeo), personalized retargeting (ATG Unit: NEODAU) and Social Media Marketing (ATG Unit: Media Part).